AIYÊ // eye-eh //
earth, life, eternal home, heaven.

AIYÊ is a quiet celebration of life. It is the lull after a day’s work. The places we escape to for our minds to wander, an appreciation of the world around us.

With AIYÊ we reflect, honour, and celebrate creation.

For founder Midori Mukai, AIYÊ serves as the connection between contemporary life and the Brazil of her mother’s youth. The first collection revolves around the use of a rare capim1 native only to the Jalapão region of Brazil. The weaving method of the material is the result of the cultural conversation between groups in the Northern state.

Grounded in process and craftsmanship, AIYÊ is a conscious exchange of art and lifestyle – creating works that highlight unfamiliar techniques and traditional materials for an individual story.

1 Capim Dourado ‘Golden Grass’ - A grass native to Jalapão in the state of Tocatins, Brazil. Harvest season is restricted to a three month period in order to protect the rare species of grass and the livelihood of the artisans who use it. Weaving techniques for the material were traditionally practiced by women of the region and passed on generationally.